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Shikaripura Harihareswara, August 3, 1996
In your "Selected Characters," you evidently did not feel the need to include such soon-to-be-classics as Freakazoid, Earthworm Jim, or any of the Animaniacs or the Tiny Toons. I object and am offended. These venerable cartoons did far more political material than any of the classics on your page. Even the pilot for "Freakazoid" joshed with Rush Limbaugh. Please - include some of the more '90s, politically aware characters on your page.

Paul Duca, August 5, 1996
I always felt Fred Flintstone was a Reagan Democrat. And what about Yogi Bear? He was on the ballot with LBJ and Goldwater in '64.

Greg Perry, August 6, 1996
Although it's well known that Archie and Betty were members of the Young Republicans and worked the Miami Convention in 1972 for Nixon, little is known about Jughead's underground days. After leaving Riverside High, Jughead attended the University of Colorado in Boulder. Ther he joined up with the SDS, leading sitdown strike after sitdown strike. In 1969 he met up with the aging outside agitator, Maynard G. Krebs, and together they organized WORK!: Weed Out Republican Karma. They went underground for the heck of it in 1971 and never have been heard from since. Althouh rumors abound about their commune they started on a deserted tropical island with a Professor, a millionaire, and, of course, the lovely Veronica.

"Julius", August 7, 1996
I must take offense to the blatant disregard of Generation X cartoon characters in this compilation. Many Simpson's characters have a rich and varied interest in politics. If you get us wet, do we not run? Please Rock the Vote and include the younger cels too!

Charles E. Mowen, Jr., August 7, 1996

"A Virginia political activist", August 7, 1996
What is Sylvester's political persuasion? Did he refuse an interview?

Charles Balan, August 8, 1996

Conspicuously missing in your assessment of toon politics are:

Underdog - I suspect that he might have voted for Ross Perot.

Rocky & Bullwinkle - Squirrel has got to be a Reagan Republican since the "evil empire" is the source of his nemisis, Boris & Natasha, but Moose is definitely a new-deal democrat.

Archie - Democrat

Veronica - Republican

Betty - liberal, left-wing, pro-choice, femi-nazi.

Jughead - Tax Reform Party

Reggie - Independent, but usually ends up voting Republican.

Keep checking on toon politics...I think you've got something here.

Kori Clemner, August 8, 1996
Daffy Duck. Like Donald, Daffy is a bit difficult to understand, but is a strong Reform Party supporter. Is supports restricting gun sales (except for rabbit hunting) and is pro-environment. Supports the death penalty for rabbits. Not because they did anything, just for existing. Believes the Killer rabbit incident with Jimmy Carter is more than it seems. Believes it was a disguised black panther, backed by the Cuban government and funded by a secret Republican fund. Also believes this group had secretly doctored pictures of Amy Carter in compromising positions which forced Carter to act like an incompetent, vacillating president.

Bruce Scott (member, Popeye Fan Club), August 8, 1996
Your information on Popeye must be from one of his conservative detractors - such as Bluto - who have been working to smear his good name for decades. Popeye has always been a moderate, with conservative views on welfare ("You woiks for what you gets") and liberal views on the environment (hench, his strong attachment to spinach). He does suffer somewhat from a guilt complex, due to throwing so many of those spinach cans away in his youth. Today, he patronizes recycling centers and can often be found at senior centers, chambers of commerce and local libraries, railing against the "disposkable consumer society."

"Deputy Dawg", August 8, 1996
I knew Elmer back in the sixties in East LA. Back then we were the best of buddies. We did a little grass, hung out with the babes, and in general had a good time. He played the part, but never took any of that "macho gun stuff" to heart. It was Nam that messed him up. Two tours in that hell-hole turned him into a warped, unhappy mess. Now we hardly talk anymore. I still love the dude, but he's scary man........real scary.

John Kelso, August 8, 1996
I love this page! Many other characters come to mind. I hope you don't mind my sending some along.

Rocky & Bullwinkle, as everyone knows, are also both New Deal-era liberals. They knew Walter Mondle back in Frostbite Falls, MN, and campaigned for him throughout the state during the '72 election. A monogomous same-sex couple for the last 30 years, they live quietly in their home town, and are accepted by the locals for what they are.

Foghorn Leghorn used to be a Dixiecrat, but turned Republican a couple of years ago to join Newt Gingrich's Republican revolution.

John Matras, August 8, 1996
Popeye a liberal? Naw, I've seen his early work. Always a strong supporter of national defense and individual self reliance. Would have as much fun at a Kennedy family reunion as, say, Arnold Schwartzenegger.

Popeye overweight and a racist? Not bloody likely. A health nut in his own way, he's still the guy everyone go to open a bottle of pickles. Can push-up his age. And a racist? His motto is "I yam what I yam and that's all what I yam." Does that sound like someone who would blame others for problems? Spends time in his woodshop designing the perfect dinghy. Your description sounds awfully what liberal bigots think of the military. Watch out with whom you associate.

Bob Whitney, August 8, 1996
"George of the Jungle" admitted to the Betty Ford Clinic after being rejected as a potential running mate for Dukakis?

Jennifer Karasick, August 9, 1996
Yikes! Mickey Mouse is a republican? Gosh, considering he lives only an hour away (in Orlando), I am crushed! Should I expect to see Rush roaming around Disney as a V.I.P?

Charlotte Wulf, August 9, 1996
You may want to check your spelling, because I think you may have meant "Illuminati," not "Ilumnati."

Chris Pyhtila, August 9, 1996
Your "political persuasions of cartoon characters" page was the funniest thing I've seen in days!!! It's great! Keep them coming! How about: Fat Albert, Speed Racer, The Ant and the Aardvark, Shaggy & Scooby, others!!!!!

Albert C. Younes, August 9, 1996
I follow U.S. politics from the safety of Canada, very nicely done!

Michael Andreano, August 9, 1996
I liked your page about the cartoon characters and their voting beliefs. But what about Homer Simpson? I am dying to know about him.

Meni Shy, August 10, 1996
What did you base the facts on [your] page on?

Pete Ruksakiati, August 10, 1996
...what about Marvin the Martian, a victim of Bugs Bunny's pranks? Just wondering...

Gadaiyio Takeimienei, September 3, 1996
I was very entertained by your web page, but something took me by surprise. In your entry for the Jetsons, you mention that Judy was voted president of the Young Neo-Whigs. This took me aback, as I have formed a political party for my campaign that is called the NeoWhigs ( if you're interested).

I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I use your page as a reference for drumming up support for my eventual campaign.

Vote GweepCo in '92!

Sue D. Nim, September 7, 1996
I love your web site! If you ask me, Goofy might apply to all politicians... I've recently gone on-line with my own web site that blasphemizes the wonderful world of politics ( Interested in cross-linking to each other's sites, perhaps?

Robert Tieman (from Disney Studios), September 9, 1996
Mickey Mouse - a conservative Republican????

I would think that it's much more likely that he was ultra-conservative back in the 1930s and 40s, but as he has aged (soon to be 68 years old), he has realized that times change and he has mellowed on so many issues. After all...Disney and Mickey Mouse have recently taken so much flack from Republicans and conservatives on granting same sex domestic partner benefits.

David Goldstein, September 12, 1996
I like your page very much, you have done a great job. I would like to make one small correction. I have known, and been quite close with Bugs Bunny for many years and although he may never have stated his political affiliation to be of any specific party, I do believe he is actually a true anarchist (as far as I can tell by his actions).

Peter Weehuizen, October 17, 1996
Why is felix the cat regarded to be a strict libertarian, and Bugs bunny not? By the way, who is Julius?

Larry King, November 16, 1996
Fred Flintstone was a heavy equipment operator; a member of Teamsters Local 0. He joined right out of high school through his uncle's patronage. He supports Hoffa to help build a bridge to the Stone Age.

Andrew Alsop, December 12, 1996
We maintain the Donald Duck site:

where you got the image that is on the following page:

I like the page a lot. Could you please put a link back to the Donald Duck site at the above URL and give the site the credit for the image.

Peter Dedman, January 1,1997
I'm British, don't understand all US politics, but my 3 1/2 year old daughter & I :-) !

Harmon Beekman, January 15, 1997
Thanks for the laughs. It's always fun to read clever political humor. Great job. Keep it up.

Martin and Valerie Duffy, January 19, 1997
Little is known about Olyve Oyl, Popeye's main squeeze. However, the Geraldo Rivera Investigative News Team has uncovered the following information about the elusive Ms. Oyl:

In her younger days, she was a staunch supporter of Eleanor Roosevelt, and felt that Eleanor, Not Eleanor's Husband, should be sitting at the helm of the Oval Office. She protested in front of the White House several times, only to be carted any to jail where she gathered quite a following.

In the early 70s, moved by the testimony of the infamous Roe v. Wade case, she became a supporter of abortion rights. Outspoken, she would accompany NOW on major speaking circuits, speaking out for "My Body, Mt Choice" (even though her body was noticeable absent).

In the 80s, after learning that Miss Roe lied about the circumstances of her pregnancy, thus enabling a purgery to shape National Law, she became a radical pro-lifer, speaking against the killing of the unborn...and once again, she was carted off to jail several times, where she was reviled as a fanatic and activist.

Shortly after the filming of the Feature Length film, "Popeye", she berated the cast, being incredibly harsh on Shelley Duvall for playing Olyve with far too much "provocativeness."

In her old age, she is currently living on the same commune as Ann B. Davis, making a living growing, marketing, and selling "Olyve's Spinach", which is bundled with the dime novel, "Come Home, Swea'Pea."

Just thought you'd like to know.

"Mitchell", January 26, 1997
I congradulate you on your wonderful site. Keep up the good work and add more characters. How about superheroes? Also, I find myself in agreement with Mr. Goldstein; I've always considered Bugs Bunny an Anarchist. Thank you for a great page.

"Laila", January 31, 1997
dear :
i like the cartons caractur , i like donald and miecky, i hope you to send some pohto to me .
i li8ve in UAE in abu dahbi, im in 11 years old im girl.
i like to be your frind.
with my love for all the cartons caractors.

Gilles R. Guyot, February 16, 1997
Say, what about Dagwood Bumstead & the irascible Mr. Dithers?!

Kim Beecher, February 23, 1997
Been watching cartoons all my life and I think (we've) you've hit the nail on the bloody head mate!!!!!!

Warren S. Woods, March 3, 1997
Everyone was just bitching about this page, but if your life sucks enough to critisize this guy's work then I think you should seriously reconsider your life. Who cares if he didn't include your favourite characters, what the hell is wrong with you? How could you actually be offended?

Stan Hitchcock, March 26, 1997
You need cartoon with a Wyly Coyote about something, you will get it.

"AF3B", April 15, 1997
This page is pretty informativ, but I miss a little scense of humor.... I mean.... caartoons are funny, then we all expect something more than their political aspects! :)

Donald Lee, May 24, 1997
G'day mate,
I have another title for Bugs
Greenie supporter, Wild life supporter and member of the Rainbow Warriors.

Richard Curwin, June 10, 1997
Sure, typicle -- Or maybe it's typical, anyway why didn't you mention the Katzenjammer kids. Are you inwolved in some kind of Nazi cofer up? The Major, Katrinka, all hard core Nazis. Who's cofering up. Vere is Der Shadow when you need him? Vere iss Smiling Jack?

Chris Lance, June 12, 1997
I am a student at Pennsylvania State University and have chosen this exact subject as my study. Have you written any articles etc. or perhaps could give me some direction in how best to obtain sources for my subject? You will, of course, be named prominently in the final publication. I will need to give other examples, but plan on making Betty Boop my case-in-point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

"Paula", June 18, 1997
Enjoyed your page. But, what about Yosemite Sam?

Dennis and Kelly Cook, June 23, 1997
Neat idea! Thought your Rockfeller Flinstone was LOL!

"The Russian Guy", June 27, 1997
Dear Jetsons,
In the picture of you on the iternet the robot is notin it. I thought she was part of your famaliy. I gess not.

Kathleen Alissa C. Angulo, July 6, 1997
Betty Boop is my favorite.

"Jeanie", July 10, 1997
I would like to have goofy in color.
Thank you.

William Howard, July 13, 1997
mickey mouse was from georgia

Barbara Meinzer, July 14, 1997
I loved you page. It gave a serious, but at the same time funny approach to cartoons. Definately something that was worth the time. Keep it up, and I hope to read more in the future.

Irene Peterson, July 18, 1997
Why is Bugs a Democrat? Is Mickey only one because of his vast industrial and real estate holdings? I've been a democrat all my life, a rare breed in New Jersey, and I am starting to feel squeamish in the south and mid-west. Any radical is frightening. Was in Walt Disney World the day after the Southern Baptists called for the boycott. Yeah, like they really cared! Place was full of 'em.

Bonnie Evans, July 18, 1997
Tell me about Marvin the Martian's politics. Great site.

Gary Doyle , July 19, 1997
I'm very impressed with your insight into cartoon politics. However, you seem to have ignored the "new world order" of cartoon characters. Pinky and the Brain are by far the most political cartoon creations in history. Each episode is based on trying to take over the world. And Brain recently tried running for President...I saw his campaign shirts all over the Warner Bros. store. You won't be able to ignore them for long!

Jaak Hickey, August 11, 1997
don't listen to all the others critisizing your page, the old cartoons are much better than the new ones and they all take it to seriouse, it's just for fun.

Amrih Sahri, August 15, 1997
where I can find a cartoon product like popaye the sailor, please give me information about that to me.

Jim Moore, August 23, 1997
Eeyore, from Winnie-the-Pooh, is definitely Republican. Just between you and I, he was Dole's first choice as a running mate, but the Reps. thought he was too excitable. That, and the rain cloud problem.

"Nick", September 4, 1997
I thought it was halarious. I think it was a great idea to post it on the board. I thought Donld Duck and Goofy were the best.

"Nick", September 4, 1997
I thought it was hilarious, but you should have included other cartoon characters such as Yogi Bear, Rugrats, Freakazoid, Roko's Modern Life, Taz, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Marvin Martian, Tiny Toons, and many more! Other than that it was awesome!

"dbcarter", September 12, 1997
GREAAAAT! As Tony the Tiger would say. This was a pleasant way to start my morning. Thanks

Kevin & Margaret Bonas, September 28, 1997
Yo man,
Me and my friend are cool dudes just like the looney toons. Were 14 yrs old but we still love you guys. Also we're the best because were FEMALES!!!! And were in Gr.9 Junior High!
well gota run are boyfriends are wait'n,bye.

Andor Skotnes, October 9, 1997
Great site! Solidarity!

"Chuck", October 9, 1997
Great page, I truly got a kick out of it! How about adding Jessica Rabbit to it as Clintons first love?

Subhalakshmi Bhattacharya,

Michael McCollough, October 15, 1997
Dear Sir or Madam;

I am in the initial stages of developing a website for a potential candidate for U.S. Senate and would like to include a link to your "Politics of Cartoon Characters" page.

If you have any objection, or any requirements regarding the form or manner in which we refer to your site, please e-mail me at the address below.

Thank you for your time.

"student", October 22, 1997
i think that this page is really neat!!!!!

John Martin West, November 20, 1997
Yes indeed--it's good to see that someone else has discerned the true political leanings of Felix.

Anyone who has ever had to sit through one of Donald Ducks endless speeches knows where you're coming from. He's a madman, surrounded by drooling sycophants every bit as mad as he. I was present (as a reporter) at the notorious Duck Supremacists rally in 1989, which of course led to Donald's mysterious disappearance from the political scene for several years. Not an event I will be likely to forget.

Let me just point out that Mickey Mouse has been a right-winger from the very beginning. Many people say that his conservatism was a relatively recent development, stemming from the 1960s when Disney was at the height of his wealth and the beginning of the Vietnam era. In fact, he displays the traits of an ultraconservative from his earliest work in film. Steamboat Willie is often considered to be a statement about the rights of man over the animals, as well as man (or mouse) over woman. There are also those who say that Mickey was a deeply closeted homosexual who hid behind his conservative persona, persecuting others to soothe his own insecurities. Of course, I'm sure you've read all about it by now. The issue has been discussed to such an extent that the truth can simply never be known.

Great site! :)

Felix the Cat is God

Maxwell Ma, December 31, 1997
These are cute! Good job!

Meredith Selden, January 27, 1998
this is great. i needed it. it lightened up my evening!!!!

Beverly Westerberg, February 12, 1998
I knew Micky Mouse was a republican!!! I even knew it as a kid. That's why I like Bugs Bunny better. Thank you for supplying the means by which I could realize this.

John P. Brady, February 27, 1998
Donald Duck is an embittered gay duck.

Darrel Jones, February 28, 1998
I LOVED this truly original and humorous web page. My only complaint is you need more characters. Scooby-Doo, for example, is one of the more popular animated characters in the Adult Animated wing of the WWW. Could you put up a profile for him, and maybe other characters like Scrooge MacDuck and Daffy Duck?

P. S. I am gay.

Dianna R. Huculak, March 16, 1998
>Dear Sluggo,

Actually I don't remember your name. I've been wading in internet crap for over an hour and your page was really funny. Especially the thing about Cartoon characters and their political leanings. Though as a politcal science and Women's studies student I was paticularly concerned because you page was more devoted to male cartoon characters and thier beliefs, rather than female characters. I am appalled that you would leave out Olive Oil. Who could forget her sheltered beginnings as a daughter of a promise keeper in Utah? Somehow she managed to transcend this and become a revolutionary anarchist fighting against the moral strictures and hypocrisy in America in the 1930's.....Who advacated change and violence? Not Judy jetson....But Olive oil. Who tried to eliminate government, captialism and war? Olive oil. Who had two lovers in hollywood at a time when Women who even had one lover were considered tramps? Olive oil. I know she had her darkside....She was obviously anorexic....but she managed to bring her issues of Anorexia to the mainstream american public. She had a squeky voice..but just like Janis Jopplin, did she allow that to stand her in way? And just look at the way that she pitted two stupid men against one another over and over again, thus illustrating the folly of the "stronger sex".

Olive Oil is more than just Popeye's girlfriend who has a no nonsense hair do, She is a symbol of Feminine Strength, intellect, Vitality and sexuality.

perhaps a goddess incarnate.

"CYMMOH", April 3, 1998
I really enjoy your political cartoon charecters from the don't click here page. Do u know of any other places similar to don't click here

"Capulan", April 21, 1998
I am having a ridiculous ongoing debat with a neighbor whether tweetie bird is a male or female. Do you happen to have any information that can clear this debat up once and for all. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Sharif Webster, May 19, 1998
Hi, I am doing a major work on cartoon characters and their relationship with humanity. My broad topic of interest at this stage is what the characters come to represent. My idea will become more specific as I continue my browsing. I was wondering if you would know of any references that may be of some assistance to me(including URLs). It can be about anything at this stage. Your help wold be greatly appreciated.

V. Williams, May 30, 1998
Goofy is presently on assignment to James Carville as a speech writer and advisor. Contrary to his early years as a conservative, Mickey Mouse now supports President Clinton as does his new boss Mickey Eisner.

Mr. Mouse is presently engaged in a battle with Pinky (of Pinky and the Brain fame) to take over the world. The success of Mr. Mouse in recent mergers and acquisitions of valuable intellectual properties attests to the rodent's economic and political resiliency. Smart bettors are putting their money where their Mouse is.

Matthew Cole, July 5, 1998
Mickey Mouse is about as left-wing as you can get. Easily he would support the big borther attiude of a strong centralist government that forces everybody to play nice, and to share all you have. Good Lord, look at the Disney films, the contraversies about the Disney theme parks and everything about ABC in the past few years. Now the early Mickey I could see as a social conservative, but that's as far as I'm going to go.

Sandra Goodyear, July 20, 1998
I want to see Bugs Bunny picture cute differnet apicture may send to me then I look send them my friend and my friend favorite of Bugs Bunny that why I want send him as suprise hahah

"Keen", August 14, 1998
Many thanks enjoyed the cartoons.

Griffin Fox (Acme Trading Company), August 19, 1998
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Please visit to see the webring.

First Lt. Lucien Campillo, September 4, 1998
How about the south park characters???

Nils Hanczar, November 3, 1998
Instead of bitching about what "should have been", I'd like to commend you for your insightful humor and making me laugh. I also enjoyed the Italian Futurists pages and links, very nice site, always was a topic of interest for me. Did Chuck Jones have FDR in mind? He looks a little like Winston Churchhill too, now that I think about it.

Samantha Warnasuriya, November 16, 1998
Hi this is coooooooooool.......
Can U send me more pictutes of dicneys stuff......

"Aloma123", November 18, 1998
You might want to amend Elmer's description to "bears a mirror likeness to Kenneth Starr..........

"Peter", November 24, 1998
Great page

Tim Benson, November 27, 1998
I have just completed a PhD on the political cartoonist David Low . I have just started a biography of George Strube cartoonist for 36 years on the Daily Express.

Frank Witty, December 14, 1998
Observation -- wallpaper is distracting.

Brenda Capes, December 22, 1998
Did Elmer Fudd have a dog name maverick? If not, what character said "Mav-er-rick"!?

Dolores Coddington, February 28, 1999
this website was so funny that I almost fell off the chair.please if you can.make another one of these..but make it different ok.well thanks for taking your time out to take e-mail from me...thanks again!!

"Priscilla", March 3, 1999
Ur homepage is great but i think there's still rooms to improve on it. Maybe by adding more pics.

Brenda Banuelos, March 3, 1999

"Treva L. VF.", March 18, 1999
I understand that Captain Planet is running on the Green Party ticket. Any truth to this? What is his stand on labor issues? Are his ecological concerns so extreme that he could render the Seven Dwarfs unemployed?

A.C. Brink, March 20, 1999
kan je donald duck ,ks bestellen

Thomas Wilson, April 3, 1999
This is an excellent display of humor and truth keep it up.

"Gskate47", April 6, 1999
Elmer Fudd was a nazi all he wanted to do was rid bugs bunny from the planet.

"RaeCassidy", April 17, 1999
this is the first thing i could find on Goofy.I love Goofy. If you find anymore stuff on Goofy could you please send it to me or atlest give me the address on which you found it. I would really be thankful........I think you saying a great!!!!!!!

"NBoone8728", April 19, 1999
what does this have to do with politics exactly when i clicked to this web side i was hoping to see more serios cartoons that were

"Mahdi", April 21, 1999
i want a pic

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